Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s deputies, responding to a domestic abuse call, detained a man Thursday afternoon on Lochmoor Road, just feet from Meadows Elementary School in Valencia. 

According to first responder radio frequencies, deputies were responding to a call that a man was loudly arguing with a woman and had pushed her up against the fence. Meadows Elementary’s western border is on Lochmoor Road, separated only by a short chain-link fence.  

According to Lt. Barclay, SCV Sheriff’s Station watch commander, deputies were responding to a domestic violence call. When deputies first arrived on the scene, the suspect and the woman had fled. 

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies detain one while responding to a report of an assault at the 25000 block of Lochmor Road next to Meadows Elementary School in Valencia, Calif., on Thursday, May 12, 2022. Chris Torres/The Signal

At the scene, a woman on the school side of the fence, who appeared to work for the school, was talking with neighbors on the other side when the suspect returned to talk to her. 

The suspect had left a pile of clothes at the scene and was requesting she hand over a backpack that was on the school side of the fence. The woman refused and when the suspect overheard her calling law enforcement to return, he fled once again, obscenely gesturing to her as he did so.  

Seconds later, deputies arrived and caught up with the suspect, who was just down the road, and arrested him. The suspect was detained without resistance at about 5 p.m.  

Moments after the arrest, people walking along Yucca Valley Road, a jogging/bike path perpendicular to the school, approached the deputies detaining the suspect and told them that there was a woman just down the path who they witnessed having a seizure.  

Deputies were able to find the woman, who appeared to be in her early to mid-20s, sitting on the ground with what appeared to be a bruise on her right cheek.  

The woman told deputies that she did have a seizure, but that she didn’t remember much. Witnesses said they saw the woman having the seizure and that the suspect said he was going back to retrieve the backpack as her seizure concluded.  

Deputies requested paramedics to check on the woman and the Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived at 5:19 p.m. 

Barclay said that “all involved parties” were being detained but was unable to immediately clarify if just the male suspect was detained or if the woman was as well. It was not immediately known if any arrests were made. Barclay said the matter was pending investigation.  


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