As the new update of the Google algorithm rolls out there is a fright in the market. In these kinds of situations, all the SEO experts and the marketing agencies are dropped into sudden chaos which then leads to a lot of doubt and confusion will this impact the ranking of the existing websites? Or what other kinds of new keywords are required to maintain the ranking of the website? Or will it make your website lose its ranking?  

All these queries sometimes result in disastrous decisions which is not good for any business. Now there arises a valid question here why does google changes its algorithm and at what time it is done?  

Why google keeps on changing its algorithm from time to time? 

The most obvious reason why Google keeps on changing its algorithm every time would be that Google wants to provide its user with the best experience and an improved interface. For regular changes in its algorithm, Google monitors the behavior of people and studies the pattern that would fit best in the next update of its algorithm.  

The next algorithm is designed in such a way that it ensures to present relevant and authoritative content to its users. Especially when at this time when there are a ton of websites available on the internet it makes it even more crucial to update the algorithm regularly for the purpose to eliminate all the possibilities that may lead to a decline in the user’s experience.  

As there are so many websites present and all of them are somewhat SEO optimized, each has its landing interface that the users interact with when they are searching for something on the Google search engine. The main priority of Google is to ensure a better user experience by regularly updating its algorithm guidelines to experiment with which would be the best algorithm that would lead to user satisfaction. 

With every algorithm update that the Google launches its engine is getting smarter and smarter with a more advanced understanding of which part is more crucial or which part is informative and which should be prioritized according to the needs and search frequency of the users. 

How many times does google launch its algorithm updates? 

As per the experts and sources from google, the algorithm of Google is updated at a frequency of 600 to 700 times per year which when means the algorithm changes every day. Yes, it is quite unbelievable that Google changes its algorithm in a very short time, and there are pretty obvious reasons for the same as Google is the most beloved and trusted search engine out there according to a survey 9 out of every 10 people rely on Google for almost everything. There is strong and concrete evidence for this as well. This algorithm usually does not affect much the websites that are already backed up by traffic but it can affect majorly to those which don’t have enough traffic on their websites, so if your website is not having enough traffic then there might be a slight probability that it mary shake up the rankings of your website as well. 

With this said this frequent change in the Google algorithm makes it quite impossible for people to cope with appropriate SEO strategies for their websites.  

How does BrandingbyExperts help you in ranking your website? 

While many digital marketing companies suffer ad go through a reworking of plans here is when BrandingbyExperts comes into play a company that solely focuses on Ranking along with branding. With a team of SEO experts and specialists, BrandingbyExperts will make sure your website or webpage with keywords that rank in the top of search results of Google. BrandingExpert has an appropriate strategy and a pitch-perfect plan that when combined with your business can result in improving and maximizing the traffic on your website. 

Here’s how They help brands scale across by improving their SEO in a very short period. 

Sponsored post 

Yes, you herd it right using sponsored posts in a proper way they are bringing their clients websites to top position in google in weeks of time. When we think about sponsored post many of us have a perception that sponsored post just requires to post an article on the website and it’ll automatically lead to an improvement in ranking. Well, sponsored posts may be the best way to improve your ranking but it should be noted that it is not that easy one should know how to pick a correct website to post an article. 

BrandingbyExperts has a team of skilled individuals that have great expertise to improve the ranking of your website. BrandingbyExperts help brands by scaling by targeting core audiences and influencing them by advertising using the sponsored post. The pricing of the sponsored post they offer is also much cheaper than other agencies which make their service more cost-effective. Because they are collaborated with many big brands like orlandomagazine.com, newsobserver, Firstpost.com, Thehindu, Ndtv.com, tampabay.com, moneycontrol.com, 5280.com, mensjournal.com and many more.  

Monitoring your ranking 

The most important and the most first thing They go for is doing a case study and generating reports about the ranking of your webpage. This includes monitoring the keyword performances, keyword research status, and keyword search frequency. 

Analyzing the data and working on the weak spots of your website’s SEO may give significant and rapid results following the daily change in Google’s ranking algorithm. Once They get to know what is hampering the ranking of your website. They immediately start working on it.  

Brand awareness 

They are media partners with many brands that are already doing well in the market and this would help your business get more traffic using promotional campaigns that lead to an increase in visibility and credibility of your brand. 

Focus on the user experience 

This is the most crucial part of ranking your website. BrandingbyExperts draws conclusions that throw a major impact on the user experience which is known when a user lands on your webpage. Content optimization and SEO management work in accordance to improve the user experience and decrease the bounce rate of your website. 

Bounce rate is the measure of people leaving your webpage with unsatisfactory results. An increased bounce rate is not tolerated by Google’s algorithm and is not a good idea to maintain an increased bounce rate as it would affect the ranking of your website.  


In today’s time when google is rapidly changing its algorithm. At this time of random change in strategies, it is very difficult to cope with it. BrandingbyExperts is one such solution you should consider for the same as they are prepared for any update from google and crack the strategy. 

BrandingbyExperts are always ready to share the case studies of their previous work you can reach out to them for case study anytime at [email protected]. 


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