Chatmohar Bera Primary School is now a cowshed for goats 2021


Uttam Kumar Bera (Pabna) Correspondent: With the intervention of the executive officer in Pabna Bera, the barn was removed from the government primary school. Schools and colleges in the country are closed due to the epidemic coronavirus. For the same reason, all the educational institutions of Bera Upazila are now closed. The buildings are empty as schools and colleges are closed. On this occasion, a local member was keeping cows and goats in the government primary classroom of Dayal Nagar Talimpur in Bera upazila. Students and parents have expressed anger over this. When the news was published in the local newspapers, the fence executive officer sat motionless and in the morning he went to the ground and removed the occupied barn. Rafi Uddin Khawaja, joint general secretary of Awami League in Masundiya union of Bera upazila, has been accused of constructing a cowshed on the ground floor of the school for many years and carrying out various anti-social activities.

It is known that the first person infected with coronavirus was identified on March 6, 2020 in the country. Later, as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education, all the educational institutions of the country have been closed since March 16. The Ministry of Education has said that the educational institutions will be reopened by June 13 if the Corona situation is at a normal rate (below 5 per cent).

A number of schools in the upazila have been visited and the classrooms of the schools have now become barns. Cows have been kept in several rooms of Talim Nagar Government Primary School No. 105 of the upazila. Almost every room has cows, goats and sheep.

One person, who did not want to be named, said that Rafi Uddin Khwaja tried to justify everything by deleting the name of the current Bera-Sujanagar MP, claiming that he was close to the MP. The Awami League president of Masundiya Union said he would be expelled from the party if he found evidence of any action against party discipline. Mohiuddin, secretary of Bera Upazila Primary Teachers’ Association, said he would take action against him for tarnishing the party’s reputation by building barns in government schools. The poison of keeping cows in the barn is sad, he is an influential person in the area and no one dared to speak against him. He thanked the fence executive officer. He requested legal action against him for allegedly occupying a government educational institution.


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