Chinese cuisine and your health: Top 5 benefits


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Authentic Chinese cuisine is some of the healthiest food in the world. We are not speaking about the food from your local Chinese restaurant, but the food the Chinese consume in their home country. What we have in the local restaurants is the food they mostly eat at festivals, hence the mildly high-fat content and MSG. If you look at the Chinese as a whole, they do not have an obesity problem like the Western countries and this is largely due to their diet. 

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The Chinese believe in yin and yang across their lives, food included. Yin represents wet and moist food (carbohydrates), the kind that cools your body down. Yang (proteins), on the other hand, is for dry and crisp ingredients, the kind that heat your body up. In any meal, therefore, a balance of yin and yang is always presented to ensure the body gets everything it needs and ultimately leads to healthier food options, and therefore, a healthy body. 

What are the health benefits of Chinese food? Let’s get into it.  

  1. They are very low on sugar, refined carbs, and high fat 

This does make it easier for your body to recognize that you are full, therefore you will not eat more than you need. Your portions will be smaller and you will fill up on the quality of the food, rather than its quantity. 

  1. They are high in fiber 

In Chinese cuisine, vegetables are the stars of their dishes. Furthermore, all vegetables are lightly cooked. They are hardly served raw to assist your body in breaking down complex nutrients which would otherwise be significantly harder if they were served raw. This ensures your body gets all the fiber and other nutrients it needs, consistently. 

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  1. They are cooked healthier 

As alluded to earlier, a lot of Chinese food is barely fried, and even then, it is light frying. Most of the food is steamed; this not only protects the integrity of the nutrients in the food, but is a much healthier cooking option. Lest you think this makes the food boring, they also incorporate a variety of flavors in their food from the different ingredients that they use. 

  1. They are presented in bite sizes 

Chinese food is almost always presented in small bite-size portions and this controls the portions you eat. You may have several dishes all in bite sizes, so your nutrient intake is balanced across several dishes. This also assists your stomach in processing the food you eat. It also makes it easier in the preparation of the food – bite-size portions cook faster. 

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  1. They hold excellent medicinal properties 

In line with the food yin and yang, the Chinese believe that the food you consume can help stabilize the health of your metabolism. For example, chillies are believed to aid digestion while garlic will fight toxins, and fiber will further aid digestion purposes, among many other benefits.  

Our list of benefits is not exhaustive, but these are some of the most important ones. Expand your palette and indulge in real Chinese food; not only for its health benefits but also because it is delicious.  

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