4 Ways AI Can Improve Your Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy



Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going hand in hand to change the face of digital marketing. According to recent statistics from Salesforce, nearly 51% of marketers utilize AI in one way or another to promote their brands online. This shows the importance of AI and machine learning in the digital marketing industry and how quickly it is becoming the need of the hour for online businesses.

How can AI improve your brand?

When you hire the services of an SEO agency, you expect to see results quickly. You want your website to rank on Google’s first page and soon make it to the top. While it’s not such a quick process, artificial intelligence and machine learning can make it easier. Here’s how:

  1. Introducing chatbot to your website

It’s frustrating to stay on a call for more than a few minutes to contact a company representative. In addition, your customers would feel like switching to another brand if they don’t get a quick response from your customer service team. In such cases, you can add a chatbot to your website. You can feed the answers to frequently asked questions to the chatbot so that it can respond even in the absence of a company representative. That may help answer the queries of your potential customers instead of making them wait on the phone.

  1. Developing website content

Many digital marketers are now using artificial intelligence to develop the website content of their clients. For example, if you have to update a few web pages without making too many changes, you can use AI to copy the content and make the necessary edits. In addition to developing website content, AI can also make intelligent recommendations to customers based on their recent purchases. AI improves the accuracy of these recommendations and increases the chances of making an additional sale on your website.

  1. Personalizing email marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular digital marketing methods even in 2021. You will notice websites asking you to subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated about the companies’ latest product release news and upcoming offers. AI in email marketing allows you to personalize the emails according to different users. For example, first-time customers may receive one email, while an existing customer may receive a different one because they already know about your brand.

  1. Boosting social media marketing efforts

Why do social media websites recommend similar products when you click on one from your home page? It’s because of artificial intelligence working behind the scenes. According to his recent search results, AI figures out what a person wants and pushes your brand’s products on his social media feed. Digital marketers use AI and machine learning efficiently to make more accurate product recommendations to entice users to go to the website and purchase.  

According to digital marketing experts, AI still has a long way to improve end-users’ digital marketing experience. However, it will make the digital experience easier for SEO companies and provide better results through which clients can boost their brand’s online presence.


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