Newsom to require California school children to be vaccinated



Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that California will require kids to get the COVID-19 vaccine to come to school.  

Newsom said all students, elementary through high school age, would be required to receive the vaccine upon their age demographic receiving final approval from the FDA for the vaccine. The governor stated there would be exemptions for medical and personal/religious beliefs. 

“I believe we will be the first state in America to move forward with this mandate and requirement, but I do not believe by any stretch the imagination we will be the last date. In fact, I anticipate other states to follow suit, as well.” 

Newsom said that in the state of California, 63.5% of those ages 12 to 17 have been vaccinated, but added that the state is not where it needs to be.   

“And so, we hope this encourages folks to get vaccinated,” said Newsom.  

The state has already announced that by Oct. 15 all school employees in the state would be required to either show proof of vaccination or be tested once per week, which caught a number of local school districts off-guard.  

“Our schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more. Why? Because vaccines work,” said Newsom. “This is about keeping our kids safe and healthy.” 

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more information becomes available.  


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